Here’s an excerpt from our menu:



Aperol “Sprizz”

“Hugo” (prosecco, elderberry syrup, fresh mint)

Lillet Wild Berry

Gin Chilla with prosecco and rosemary


Starters and soups

Bread said with rocket, cherry tomatoes
and fried chanterelles

3 king prawns fried in olive oil and garlic
served with salad and white bread

Carpaccio of beef served with parmesan cheese and olive oil

Beef broth with liver dumpling

Creme soup of fresh chanterelles and butter foam


Pasta and vegetarian food

Baked potato with herbal cream, served with prawns and salad

Noodles with bacon, parmesan, garlic and salad

Noodles with shrimp an cherry tomatoes

Creamy risotto with baby spinach, cocktail tomatoes,
gorgonzola and salad

Vegetarien toast served with broccoli, tomatoes and mushrooms,
scalloped with cheese, garnished with salad


Main dishes

Beef fillet medium fried with stuffed oven potato
and herb butter

Medaillons of the turkey breast in parmesan-egg yolk on
tagliarini with tomatoe sauce

Fillet of pork in bacon with pepper-cream source, Rösti

Escalope of pork “Wiener Art” (Schnitzel) with
french fried potatos

Grilled beef / pork / turkey
fried vegetables / BBQ Sauce / wedges

all main dishes are served with a salad


Pike-perch fillet on chanterelle risotto,
with lemon sauce and salad

Trout fried in almond butter with parsley patato
and salad



Salad bowl with various salad in season,
in olive-balsamico-vinaigrette


  • Ham, cheese and egg
  • marinated sheep cheese
  • slices of turkey breast
  • fried fish

served with italian ciabatta bread


Hits for kids

French fried potatoes with ketchup

3 fish sticks and french fried potatoes

Small escalope of pork with french fried potatoes

Noodles with tomato sauce and parmesan



Two dumplings filled with apricots, vanilla sauce, nut-croquant ice

Chocolate souffle, vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits

Espresso with vanilla ice sandwich

Yogurt and lime parfait with berry salad


Bavarian meal

6 grilled sausages from frankonia with sauerkraut,
bread and mustard

“Strammer Max”
fried brown bread with ham and egg

“Brotzeitteller Rußweiher”
a plate with ham, smoked ham, different types of cheese,
brown bread and butter

South-tirol smoked ham with horseradish, brown bread and butter

Cold roast richly garnished with brown bread

Salad of different types of sausages with brown bread and butter

Brown bread with ham and cheese